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Wir begrüßen Sie in unserer  Selenium Tutorial Sammlung. Hier finden Sie Selenium Webdriver Tutorials und Tipps zu Selenium von der Testing-Board-Redaktion und auf vielen weiteren externen Artikeln aus dem Web. 

Es folgen gute Anlaufstellen und eine Lister stets aktueller Artikel von Selenium Tutorials.

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  • Selenium Webdriver Tutorial 1: Grundlagen Testautomatisierung WordPress und Basis Testframework

    Selenium Webdriver Tutorial 1: Grundlagen Testautomatisierung WordPress und Basis Testframework

    Dieses Selenium Tutorial soll Grundlagen in der Testautomatisierung mit Selenium am Beispiel unserer Testing-Board WordPress Website vermitteln. Dazu brauchen wir automatisierte Testskripte in Selenium und ein paar Testing-Tools drum herum. Wir nutzen Selenium Webdriver, dies wird auch Selenium 2 genannt. Endziel: Ein Hybrides Selenium Testframework, Data-Driven und Keyword-driven Neben den Grundlagen wollen wir nach und nach vermitteln, wie wir ein …Read More »
  • Selenium Webdriver Tutorial 2: WordPress Testautomatisierung, Optimierung zum Testframework

    Selenium Webdriver Tutorial 2: WordPress Testautomatisierung, Optimierung zum Testframework

    Da wir in diesem zweiten Tutorial viel über Verbesserungen und Veränderungen unserer Testautomatisierung schreiben, ist es sinnvoll für Sie als Leser, dass vorhergehende Tutorial „Selenium Webdriver Tutorial 1“ zu kennen und den Stand des dort angelegten Selenium-Java-Projekts bis zum Ende ausprobiert zu haben. ToDo Optimierungen des Selenium Codes Eine Basis für strukturierten und wartbaren Code haben wir zum Teil in …Read More »

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  • Integration of Jenkins with Selenium WebDriver: Step-by-Step...

    von Viju S am Februar 20, 2017 um 11:24 am

    Step by step guide to Setup and Configure Jenkins with Selenium: Jenkins is an open source tool written in Java. It provides continuous delivery and continuous integration service for software development.  It automates your manual task of code deployment process from development box – QA – Stage – Production. Jenkins supports many plugins which you […] The post […]

  • How to Run Selenium WebDriver in Different Popular Browsers

    von Viju S am Februar 16, 2017 um 8:13 am

    Selenium supports only web-based applications and to open them we need a browser. Selenium can support various browser for test automation. In this tutorial, we will explain how to set up drivers for the different browsers available in the market. In current industry, there are only three popular browsers which are widely used i.e. Google […] The post How to Run Selenium WebDriver in […]

  • Execute your Automation Tests in the Cloud using Selenium

    von harrydev am Dezember 23, 2016 um 4:31 pm

    In this article, will talk about CrossBrowserTesting which lets us to test website across 1500+ browsers - Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Windows, & OSX. Check list of Operating systems, mobile devices and browsers supported by CrossBrowsersTesting. The end users across the globe have their choice of using different browsers to access web applications. So, it is very important to verify […]

  • How to Handle Bootstrap Dropdown in Selenium WebDriver

    von Mukesh Otwani am Dezember 12, 2016 um 7:09 pm

    Have u ever heard about handle Bootstrap dropdown in Selenium? If no, then today you will learn 2 new things today. First one – What is bootstrap dropdown The second one- How to Select values from the bootstrap dropdown.   We already have discussed how to work with traditional dropdowns and we have also explored multiple ways to handle the same but today we will see how to work with […]

  • Capture Performance Data Using BrowserMob Proxy and Selenium

    von harrydev am November 6, 2016 um 2:32 pm

    BrowserMob Proxy is an open source tools which is used to capture performance data for a web applications in an HAR format. It also allows to manipulate browser behavior and traffic, such as simulating network traffic, rewriting HTTP requests and responses etc. Manually, we can monitor performance of a web application by using browser tools like Firebug or Developers Tools etc. BrowserMob proxy […]

  • How to Read and Write excel files in Selenium using Apache POI

    von Mukesh Otwani am November 1, 2016 um 6:20 am

    Hello, Welcome to Selenium tutorial, in this post, we will see how to Read and Write excel files in Selenium Selenium support only Web browser automation so for Read and Write excel files in Selenium we have to take help of third party API like JExcel and Apache POI Apache POI is an API, which is freeware and written in Java and gives so much flexibility to read/write files it has so many […]

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  • Hacking with IntelliJ

    von shs96c am Februar 8, 2017 um 11:02 am

    Jetbrains have a programme for Open Source projects which allows them to receive IntelliJ IDEA licenses. As part of that programme, which the Selenium project has participated in for many years, they’ve asked us to provide a fair and balanced review of IntelliJ. I’ll attempt to do that, and I’ll try and state my biases up-front so you’re […]

  • Question: Can selenium be used for real world testing? &...

    von Alan am November 21, 2016 um 5:16 pm

    TLDR; Question: Can selenium be used for real world testing? And does it take longer to create different scenarios/permutations than just testing the system manually? A: Yes, Probably I received the following Question via email from a reader, and since … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Q: Should you use Selenium 3? A: Probably. I have.

    von Alan am Oktober 20, 2016 um 12:14 pm

    TLDR; moving between Selenium 2.53.1 and 3.0.1 takes very little effort. You should probably try it. Wow, so Selenium 3.0.0 and then Selenium 3.0.1 in just a few days. Should you use it? I have a fairly small set of tests … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Sometimes a headless browser might meet your needs

    von Alan am Oktober 20, 2016 um 11:31 am

    TLDR; Don’t rule out headless browsers like HTMLUnit, just because no-one uses them in the real world. They might make automating your task easier and faster. Have you ever been told that HTMLUnit and PhantomJS (and insert any other headless browser … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Update on Marionette GeckoDriver v0.11.1 – Q: Should you try...

    von Alan am Oktober 14, 2016 um 7:45 pm

    Geckodriver has improved. Over the last few months Geckodriver and WebDriver 3 have been conflated together. Certainly I’ve only investigated Geckodriver updates when I was looking into Selenium WebDriver 3. And with version 0.11.1 released, now it is time to … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Upgrading to Selenium 3 with My First Selenium Project

    von Alan am Oktober 14, 2016 um 11:21 am

    TLDR; set version to 3.0.1, stop using MarionetteDriver, download geckodriver v 0.11.1 Selenium 3 is out and you can read the big announcement. You can also start to use it. I’ll be checking my course against Selenium 3 later today, … Continue reading &rarr […]

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  • Use Explicit wait and verify Hello world

    von Wait am Februar 22, 2017 um 3:55 am

    I need to do this 1. 2. Use Explicit Wait for 30 seconds 3. Click on start button and verify Hello World!.I have written the following code but element.getText is null. […]

  • How to use selenium and poltergeist together in RSpec?

    von Bozhkov A. am Februar 21, 2017 um 6:48 pm

    I have a rich frontend in my application. Some of my tests not works well with poltergeist, because of animations and AJAX requests, but works fine with selenium.How can i use them together in one project and in one test session? […]

  • Testng excetion "An error occurred while instantiating...

    von Chaitanya am Februar 21, 2017 um 4:28 pm

    How can I resolve testng exception "An error occurred while instantiating class com.test.C: null".Below is my sample codeClass A{ public static WebDriver driver; @BeforeMethod(alwaysRun = true) public static void […]

  • Has anyone used the Java robot class to execute keystrokes using...

    von Justin am Februar 21, 2017 um 2:12 pm

    I have a test case where I need to enter keystrokes into a windows dialog that pops up. I can successfully do this using the Java robot class to enter the desired keystrokes into the dialog when I run my tests locally. But when I run the tests using […]

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